What have the Tories done for you? Or rather what have they done for their chums

The number of UK people at risk of poverty or social exclusion has grown by 1,689,000 since 31 December 2009 says European Statistics Agency and child poverty has increased by 13%. We now have over 700 food banks in the UK. Cameron has turned down EU cash to help fund food banks whilst slashing the welfare fund. The Tories have consistently denied that their welfare reforms are not the casual link and yet they have scrapped statistics on food banks and claimed that the Trussell Trust are politically motivated. If highlighting the plight of starving Britains is not political and should not be so, then what should be? If mainstream liberal politics is now limited to passing legislation that screws the poor whilst awarding contracts to rich buddies, then it is politics in name only and it certainly can no longer claim to be a government of the people for the people. But before I come to that I wanted to draw your attention to some of the most depressing statistics and facts about this bunch of Conservative leeches. I have listed some of their main achievements???? and juxtaposed these with how their policies have benefited their chums.

> Private Equity manager Adrian Beecroft has donated £500,000 to the Tory party since 2005. He is the head of the private equity group that administers Wonga.

>The social fund or Crisis Loan scheme is scrapped. These funds offered a life line to people on benefits, who perhaps because of delays in receiving payments, could borrow small amounts at no interest that could be repaid in small amounts direct from benefits. In short, the cost of providing these loans was administrative only because all monies were recoverable and repayments set according to need.

>The Typical rate of interest on a Wonga loan is 5,853% APR. The company saw its profits soar to more than £1m a week in 2012, as the number of loans it made to British consumers increased by more than 50%.

>According to the Welfare News website over 30,000 people were not paid their benefit on time before Christmas because of “an administrative error” Tory Pal Beecroft must surely be rubbing his hands in glee and patting CallMeDave on the back.

>Tory NHS ‘reforms’ have so far wasted £1.1bn of taxpayers’ cash and that sum is rising says National Audit Office

>But Tory party coffers have been swollen by more than £600,000 from donations from Paul Ruddock boss of Landsdowne Partners Hedge Fund, a major share holder in Circle Health. Circle Health have now been awarded a £1.2 billion contract to run Hitchingbrook Hospital.

>7,968 Hospital Beds Cut & overnight beds cut by 19%

> Crispin Oday donated over £222,000 to the Tory party, he owns Oday assets which holds a 21% stake in Circle Health

>£12bn of NHS tendered to private health says NHS Tender Website

> Martyn Arbib has donated over £478,00 to the Tory Party, he is owner and founder of Invesco Perpetual which holds a 22% stake in Circle Health

>£943m cut in GP Funding under David Cameron says the Royal College of GPs

> Michael Platt has donated £75,000 to the Tory Party, he is the founder of Blue Crest Capital which holds a 7% stake in Circle Health

>Michael Gove overspent on Academies & Free Schools by £1bn & cut the funding of state school pupils to pay for it says National Audit Office

>Philip Harris founder of carpet Right with estimated fortune of £285m has donated nearly £500,000 to the Tories. He owns Harris Academies.

>He has been handed the property deeds worth millions of pounds of state schools, cost to him, party donation.

I could go on and find more examples of how policy has been shaped by and bought by the rich benefactors of this deceitful and nasty Tory Party. What is absolutely clear is that we do not live in a representative democracy because no one represents our interests. Government now essentially acts as an ambassador, spokesperson and Public relations for the interests of a corporate and Banking Elite. We may all cast a vote at the next election, which frankly is a waste of time, the limits of liberal democracy under capitalism have been reached and breeched. What is needed is a very different kind of politics.


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