Ian Duncan Smith’s Guinea Pigs

Is it possible to be a professional lab rat?

It seems that Ian Duncan Smith’s antipathy towards the poor has reached a whole new level.  If the information supplied to http://www.scriptonitedaily.com  is to be believed then unemployed people who receive JSA could soon find themselves sanctioned for failing to “volunteer” to take part in drugs trials.

The Scriptonite Daily blog was contacted by 37 year old Job Seeker Chris Morgan, of Dartford, Kent – who logged in to Universal Job Search…to find five messages in his Universal JobMatch inbox inviting him to apply for jobs.  These jobs were actually invitations to join a clinical trial.

This raises a number of interesting questions, not least when is a job a job? Is it legal to coerce people into “voluntary” work? And is it legal for the drugs companies to coerce volunteers to take part? If coercion is used, can it ever be voluntary?

The fact is that someone allowed the Adzuna sponsored ads for clinical trials to appear on the jobsearch direct site. Someone thought it appropriate to ensure that these adverts calling for volunteers to take part in drugs trials should be displayed as recommended Jobs. Are we to believe that taking part in trials is now a job?

Baring in mind that people on JSA can be sanctioned for quite spurious reasons, and often at the discretion of the individual job centre workers or agency staff it concerns me that the DWP may think it is possible to be a professional lab rat.

Ian Duncan Smith seems quite comfortable with the idea that some lives are more valuable than others. Some people have the most human value, these people parasitically live off of others appropriating their labour and enriching themselves. But there are some others who have no value beyond what we can extract from them; if that isn’t their labour we’ll take their lives, for that is all they have.  Duncan Smith and his ilk think that people who don’t “offer” their labour are withholding it so that he and his class can’t appropriate any value from it. They think that other people are there to serve the needs of capital, i.e. to serve their needs. They think that people who can’t find work are rare indeed and those that don’t are pulling a fast one. They believe that those who can’t work, don’t work, won’t work or would desperately love to work are leeching parasites. I wonder, does someone like Duncan smith with his education and intelligence really believe this? Or is it just wishful thinking or worse still, he and his parasitic chums know the truth but choose to spin their lies to the “other people”.  And those “other people” fall for it all the time.  Rationale people won’t believe for a minute that their elected representatives would have the poor forced to volunteer to be used in clinical trials. Who would ever believe that politicians would allow the citizens, some who fall on hard times, others who may be sick or disabled or caring for others to be used as lab rats?

Well I believe that Ian Duncan Smith and his class of parasitic scroungers believe that some people are worth less than them. They believe that some human lives and worth more than others. I think they would be more than happy to make lab rats of those they label parasites, to strip these people of their dignity, of their human rights, of their right to autonomy over their lives and their bodies. I’m sure Duncan smith thinks it is all for the better good. For the better good of humanity, humanity made up of only the people that he and his class deem human.


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